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The Mahogany, Shea, and Cardamom with Crème fragrance candle is an opulent sensory journey in a single flame. Infused with the richness of mahogany, the warmth of shea, and the spicy allure of cardamom, this candle exudes a luxurious and inviting aroma that fills a room with sophistication. The creamy undertones add a velvety softness, creating a harmonious balance that envelops the senses in comfort and indulgence. As the candle burns, it releases a captivating fusion of woody, spicy, and creamy notes, conjuring images of cozy evenings by the fireplace or serene moments of relaxation.


Fragrance notes: Cream, Black Cardamom, GingerTonka Bean, Chestnut, Coconut,  Shea, AmberCedar, Sandalwood,

Size: 14.5 oz. 

Burn Time:  65+ hours

Contents: 100% SOY, Phthalate Free Fragrances, Cotton Wick.


Candle comes topped with a decorative lid. The jar is reusable and can be used for multiple purposes. 


To prevent fire and serious injury:

Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting and keep debris out of wax pool. Never burn longer than 4-hour intervals. Set candle on heat-resistant surface and avoid drafts. Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room. Do not burn near things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Do not extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching, or moving.